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About us

BETRA persist in reflecting the heritage of the past, the bright upcoming future, and the rich present of its clients by offering Identity & Branding,

Digital & Web, Interior Design, Art Direction, 

& Environmental 

we promise to tell the story of excellence behind every project we work on, and to pave the way for our clients to penetrate the high competitive markets easily.

Abstract Structure


BETRA’s beginning wasn’t your typical exceptional story! In fact, it all started long time ago that I didn’t even realize it. 

I’ve always dreamt of having my own place where I can create and design things freely, with a different lifestyle I aspire to live. So, I have studied interior design. And while studying, I have became a pro at designing graphics! After graduation, I worked in an entrepreneur friendly company and at that point I noticed a gap that exists between interior/exterior design and the concept of branding! So, Betra finally found its way out as a living example of my first dream.

To have an outstanding space that combines the three pillars of designing, is the definition of home for me and all the dreamers. 

Sara Khouj | Co-Founder

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